Thursday, September 24, 2009

Corner View - Out the Car Window

I'm afraid I can't keep strictly within this week's title, as I don't own a car. I thought I would instead post some photos from my recent trip to Belize, in particular Caye Caulker. The only transport on the island were bicycles or golf carts, which also doubled as cabs. The last image is the boat which would take us back to the mainland.

It was a spectacular place. One night T and I watched the moon rise from a hut on the beach while drinking cocktails you had to lift with both hands. Another afternoon, we went snorkelling out near the reef, and swam amongst enormous stingrays.

Other corner viewers looking out their car windows:
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Monday, September 14, 2009

The End of Another ATP New York 2009

I'm skipping ahead because I'm so slack with keeping up to date with blogging while travelling - I shall revisit Central America in posts to come. I just wanted to collect my thoughts about All Tomorrows' Parties that has just finished tonight.

My favourite discoveries this year were Panda Bear and Black Dice, while it was amazing to rediscover The Jesus Lizard and Boss Hog. Other highlights included:

+ Watch Jon Spencer and Bradford Cox being interviewed
+ See Nick Cave play piano with the Dirty Three
+ Seeing Shellac
+ Watch The Boredoms perform their 9 drummer Boadrum
+ See Wayne Coyne zorb over the top of the audience at the beginning of The Flaming Lips set

Tomorrow we head back to New York City, and on Tuesday we will fly to Toronto. I'm nervous about arriving in our new hometown, but excited as well.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Antigua to Tikal

Antigua is a pretty colonial town, situated at the base of the Volcan de Agua. Our whole time there was spent pounding the cobblestone streets checking out the many churches and church ruins.

A bus then took us to Guatemala City to connect to a surprisingly comfortable overnight bus journey to Flores, the closest settlement to Tikal. I was a little frightened on arriving in Guatemala City, as the bus station consisted of a small office building and a car park, that had locked doors and was guarded by a man with a shotgun. We were then locked into the building, while the guard continued to wait outside with his gun until our bus arrived.

Tikal itself was pretty amazing - we reenacted this scene from Star Wars: Episode IV at the top of Temple IV.