Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Heart Texas

Despite arriving at Minneapolis Airport with plenty of time to spare, I still managed to make T and I miss our flight. All for a packet of oreos and a trashy magazine. Shame on me. Still, at least we were able to become intimately acquainted with the workings of the American stand by system at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport when catching our connecting flight. 

We did eventually make it to San Antonio in the early evening. The riverwalk is quite spectacular, and we enjoyed a long walk before attempting to locate some food. As you would imagine, veganism takes quite the backseat to steakhouses, ribs, wings and other animal appendage restaurants. We ended up stopping at Boudro's on the river and snacking on some cornchips and guacamole made freshly at our table, in addition to one (ok, maybe four) prickly pear margaritas. They were an incredible combination of salty and sweet, the sweet part being the prickly pear cactus juice. 

IMG_3297 by you.
The following day we tried out Green Cuisine for lunch. We had to walk through a slightly dodgy part of town to get there, and while the service was fantastic, the food wasn't quite so great. I tried the neatloaf, and T tried the tofu 'po boy sandwich. The salads had some odd orange dressing, and some gravy to go with our sampler plate didn't really taste like anything. Still, it could have just been an off day, and I enjoyed my chocolate tofu ice cream cone as we walked back to the river.

A boat ride along the canals finished up our time in San Antonio. It was like a cleaner, quieter (and much much hotter) version of Venice's canals, with bridges overhead and water-taxis blustering past. 

IMG_3473 by you.

There is a little island along one of the canals that is known as "Marriage Island", as it is a popular place to, you guessed it, get married. If we had more time in San Antonio, maybe that would have been the place.......

These romantic ideas were sharply focussed by waiting at the Greyhound Station for our bus to Austin. Thankfully it was only an hour long trip, and after dropping our things at the Austin Motel in SoCo, we headed to Bouldins Diner for a late supper. We were able to sit outside for part of the time (until the mosquitos starting feasting on us), and enjoy the warm evening air. At this point, I was thinking that Austin is a pretty cool place. How could it not be with multiple vegan food joints and the SXSW festival?

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