Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Wedding Celebrations...

We had two family wedding celebrations - the first one was in my hometown of Tauranga, New Zealand. The majority of our time in NZ was taken up with two things. First was cooking for the celebration: 

Samosas by you.

Beer Bread by you.

Wedding Bears by you.

The celebration was great - my Dad made a lovely speech, followed by T, then me. Everyone seemed to have a fun time, I know T and I certainly did!

Our second major activity was spending time with my family, with everything centred around my gorgeous little niece Cara: 

Awake by you.

We had a night in Sydney before heading down to Canberra. We stayed at The Grace, which was super nice and just around the corner from Peace Harmony, a veggie Thai restaurant. No photos as I wolfed our food (tamarind veggies, tofu and "chicken") down before even thinking to take a picture, but here are some of the hotel:

Lights by you.

Leadlights by you.

We had breakfast at a vegan friendly place the next morning before heading down to Canberra. I forget the name of it, but the hot cider with lemon and cloves was so good I had two:

Hot Cider by you.

Breakfast Reading by you.

The majority of our time in Canberra was again cooking for the celebration picnic: 

Picnic II by you.

Picnic III by you.

We also managed to squeeze in some meals at the Au Lac (I can never get over how delicious their lemongrass "chicken" is). 

Lemongrass "Chicken" by you.

It was great to catch up with friends and family at the picnic, including KristyToby and Dan who had come up from Melbourne for the occasion.  We also managed to sneak in an extended session of Singstar at Evan & Jess' house after the picnic - I got to trot out Disco 2000 and Brass in Pocket.
At the end of the weekend, it was time to fly back to Melbourne. It was very sad for me (and T) to arrive back in some ways, as it meant a return to our everyday lives, ie, going back to work. In other ways it was great to be back - not having to live out of a suitcase and being able to sit still for a minute without thinking we only had limited time in that place. And of course, seeing our friends again was wonderful!

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Theresa said...

Wow, look at all that food! As sad as it must have been to end your travels, I'm glad you were back in Melbourne so we could meet last week!