Monday, August 11, 2008


It is now almost 1 am, and I should be fast asleep in preparation for my first day back at work tomorrow after almost three weeks off. Can I sleep though? No way Jose. 

Having suffered from sporadic bouts of the no-sleep disease over the years (even outside of my flirtation with gothiness in my teens), I thought by now I would have a surefire method of getting past it. I've tried focussing on positive things, focussing on nothing at all, reading. Nothing seems to work. 

Still, I have been productive. I have booked the first hotel of our big trip. It felt so good to actually book it and know that we are definitely going. I have to say the clincher with this particular hotel were the rather dignified looking dog chaps on the doona covers.......I'm sure I will sleep like a baby with them watching over me. 

Room #1

You can take a virtual tour of the hotel here.

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