Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Cara!

Beautiful Cara by you.

Sleeping by you.

Pensive by you.

Awake by you.

Wide Eyed by you.

It was my gorgeous little niece Cara's first birthday on Friday. She lives in New Zealand; I am in Australia, so I didn't get to see her, but we had a lovely time via skype. I am making her a quilt for her birthday gift which T and I will take over when we visit in June.

Among many very cute things she did, Cara had a little walk around (almost unassisted), said "oooooh!" a lot and gave me the biggest wave ever when it came time to say goodbye. It's hard to be in different countries, which I expect will be even more difficult when we go to Canada. But, skype does at least make the distance seem much less.


Carolina said...

Hi Caroline, thank you for your nice comments! Nice that you found my blog (and now I found yours :))
And happy birthday to Cara! She's too cute!

n a t s u m i said...

Happy belated birthday to Cara!!
She is very cute and makes me smile!!