Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Postal Service

I've been having a horrendously hard time at work lately, so I have been rewarding myself with a bit of retail therapy on etsy. Yesterday I came home to not just one but two parcels waiting patiently on my doorstep.

Inside the first package was this very cute 70's Gunne Sax jacket from Calico Vintage:

Inside the second package were three blouses from The Vintage Mistress:

I'm wearing the poppy shirt today. So nice and happy on this grey, cold and wet Melbourne day!


Miss T said...

They are adorable! Esp love the jacket - reminds me of those padded Chinese-ish jackets I had as a kid.

Retail therapy is my panacea.

Caroline said...

I've been searching for some Gunne Sax action for a while. I had a ton of padded asian type jackets when I was a kid. And corduroy knickerbockers! I was one hip provincial kiwi kid : )

lea said...

wow these shirts are very nice - good buys