Friday, October 17, 2008

Frank Lloyd Wright Appreciation Day II

No one could say we aren't dedicated - we drove for about 8 or 9 hours in the pouring rain from Chicago to Pennsylvania (about 90 minutes south of Pittsburgh) to get close to Falling Water, the house Frank Lloyd Wright was commissioned to build for the Kaufmann family in the late 1930's. 

Our guide Susan walked our small group through the expansive gardens down to the house itself and gave us all the details of the house as we walked around. Both T and I were gobsmacked by how the house had been designed and built around the river, trees and boulders naturally occurring in the area. I was also very taken with the interior furnishings, a lot of which were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright himself. Instead of writing about it, I think I'll let the photos do the talking: 

Levels by you.

Living Room V by you.

Guest Bedroom I by you.

Up by you.

Round by you.

There's a stack more photos on my flickr page

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