Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You Can't Take That Stuff to Canada.......

Now I am completely and utterly behind, as I'm sitting at San Francisco airport waiting for our flight to Auckland, but let's just pretend I'm still in New York about to go to Toronto.......

Our last day in New York involved a huge solo walk around the Lower East side, as T was keen for some quality time with some record stores and his credit card. 

Pink & Red by you.

45 Bleecker Street by you.

Danger Hollow Sidewalk by you.

This walk yielded several vegan delights. First up:

Babycakes I by you.

Red Velvet I by you.

Vegan cupcakes from Babycakes, like this red velvet one.  

Alert Cat by you.

Sleeping Cat by you.

Vegan shoes from Mooshoes - I bought some ace new boots completely made from recycled materials, and some green and black striped flats. I haven't taken any pictures of these purchases yet, so some cat photos will need to suffice. 

I then visited my most favourite building in New York, the Chrysler. I still can't believe that it was constructed in 1930. 

Chrysler II by you.

The night then passed in a blur, as we met T's friend Rob and his partner Leanne. Rob and T met each other as summer camp counsellors in upstate New York 9 years ago. We had a great night drinking in various locales around Washington Square. This included one huge silver bowl filled with gin, PBR and lemonade with 4 snorkel type tubes for each of us. Ouch. 

The following day we headed up to Toronto. We were quite delayed on the way up, which meant we didn't get into Toronto until after 11pm. Brad and Joanne were waiting for us with lots of vegan snacks, and Stan & Kirsty and Al arrived soon after. We had a great time catching up, laughing, feasting and enjoying Brad's vegan chocolate raspberry cake that he made for our wedding. It was amazing!

Cake by you.

Kitchen by you.

We had such a great time that we didn't leave for our hotel, the Metropolitan, until 5 am. I found it quite amusing that the guy on reception asked me if we wanted a wake-up call for the morning. Once we got up to the room, we discovered that we had been upgraded to a 2 bedroom suite, which indeed was suite!  


Theresa said...

Cupcakes, kitties, friends... sounds like lots of fun. Hearing you talk about PBR makes me a bit homesick though!

Miss T said...

Aha, MooShoes! I bought two pairs of J41s and just love love love them. Buzz also pointed out when we were in the shop that just like home, all the clothes there were covered with cat fur, but since we'd been away from the little boys, for the first time ever we were fur-free. Homesickness ensued!
Miss T

Mandee said...

Hiya, I found your blog through Kristy's and enjoyed reading about your wedding and trip to NY! Babycakes looks delicious!