Thursday, November 13, 2008


After a few days of the hustle and bustle of Havana, we thought we'd go a little further afield. We decided on Las Terrazas, a tiny village that is a UNESCO-protected biosphere.

Branches by you.

There is also a vegetarian/vegan organic restaurant in Las Terrazas called El Romero. El Romero is like going into someone's house, as indeed it is the downstairs section of a house. There were always a bunch of people sitting outside the door with babies crawling around which gave it a really nice homely feel. 

The food was quite an oasis in the desert of meat that Cuba offers. We sampled veggie & bean medallions, paella, stuffed seitan in a red wine sauce, fresh hummus, black bean soup and chocolate & pumpkin pudding. I particularly liked that they grow a lot of their own produce, and only use locally grown/made ingredients. We also had this view from our balcony table:

Table by you.

When we weren't at El Romero (which was a lot), we spent our time hanging out on our balcony, reading, playing tennis (I have discovered a love of tennis I never knew I had!), swimming, drinking cocktails and snoozing. We stayed at La Moka, a hotel that is designed around a huge tree that grows out through the roof of the lobby. It was a wonderfully relaxing stay, and I would highly recommend an overnight trip to Las Terrazas to anyone visiting Cuba. 

Feet by you.

El Romero Dinner  by you.

Lamp & Tiles by you.

Morning Mist by you.

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