Saturday, November 22, 2008


My first view of Seattle was the skyline at night. I was completely awestruck, as it has one of the coolest skylines I have ever seen. It looked so futuristic, more Bladerunner than Bladerunner. This was mostly thanks to the Space Needle - I am still amazed that it was built in the 1960's.

We were staying at the Ace Hotel, and our room was fantastic. The only thing separating our bed from the shower was a clear glass screen. 

 From the Shower by you.

We started out the following day in a very healthy way - vegan donuts and coffee at Mighty-O. It was almost too much for me, trying to figure out which donuts we should try, given that every single one was vegan. After a long process of elimination, we narrowed the 26 or so varieties down to 12, and we sat down to enjoy one (or three) with some coffee (for me, as T is not a coffee kinda guy). 

One Dozen by you.

We stumbled outside in a donut induced euphoria, only to discover that there was a hot dog joint (aptly named Diggity Dog) across the street. Their vegan dogs were too much to pass up, although this meant that we had to take turns rolling each other back to the car. 

Dogs by you.

Diggity Dog by you.

It was then time for our self researched and guided Twin Peaks locations tour. T and I have been long time David Lynch fans, and I consider Twin Peaks to be a jewel in his crown. I used to love freaking myself out as a 16 year old in New Zealand, watching it on Sunday nights at 11 pm with all the lights in the house off. Bob.......Wyndham a weak moment, those characters can still make me reconsider a midnight trip to get a glass of water.

Clutching our list of addresses from this website, we headed out into the wilds of Washington State. The big highlights were: 

Trestle Bridge by you.

Trestle Bridge - Ronette Pulaski was found wandering along this bridge at the start of Fire Walk With Me. 

Welcome to Twin Peaks by you.

The "Welcome to Twin Peaks" sign in the opening credits was shot along this road. 

IMG_6582 by you.

Salish Lodge & Spa - The Great Northern Hotel in the series.

Train Carriages by you.

Train Carriages where the murder scene takes place in Fire Walk With Me. 

Double R Diner by you.

Damn Fine Cup of Coffee by you.

Inside by you.

Twedes Cafe - The Double R Diner in the series.

All this hunting made us very hungry, so we headed to Pizza Pi Pizzeria in the university district of Seattle before making our way down to Portland. Their pizzas were exceptional, especially the breadstix with white garlic sauce:

Breadstix by you.

And so a fond farewell was bid to Seattle. Next stop: Portland. 

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