Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Exploring Havana

Our next few days in Havana were spent exploring on foot. Some of the highlights included: 

John Lennon by you.

Hanging out with John Lennon in Parque Lennon. A security guard who looked about 80 years old came over and put John's glasses on him, as apparently they kept getting stolen. 

La Dominica by you.

Dinner outside at La Dominica in Habana Vieja. No local food for us, as everything had some form or other of meat in it. Luckily Italian restaurants like this one were plentiful, and we took turns over the week ordering spaghetti with tomato sauce and pizzas with garlic, pineapple, onion and tomato (no queso por favour became our most used phrase).

Pina Coladas by you.

Pina Coladas at El Patio in Plaza de Catedral in Habana Vieja, one of the most beautiful squares I have ever seen. 

Frills by you.

Walking around Habana Vieja during the day. We came across this young woman, who was being photographed for what I think was her coming of age ceremony.

Sun by you.
Edificio Bacardi by you.

Exploring the Edificio Bacardi, an amazing art deco building around the corner from our hotel.

Capitolio I by you.
Capitolio III by you.
Rooftops I by you.

And best of all, the view from the roof of our hotel. We enjoyed many a pina colada and cuba libre up on the rooftop beside the pool looking out at the view all around us.

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